GIS_Division_Logo.png  Ready To Print PDF Maps

PDF maps within the Fairbanks North Star Borough that are ready to print or download. Includes General Interest maps and Fire Service Areas.

General Maps

FNSB_in_State.JPG​State of Alaska map highlighting the Fairbanks North Star Borough.​Regional Map showing the Fairbanks North Star Borough boundary in relation to other borough and REAA boundaries.
FNSB_Overview_USGS.JPG​Large overview map of the Fairbanks North Star Borough based on the USGS 1:250,000 scale maps. CAUTION: Takes time to open due to large file size (145 MB)
Comp_Road_Plan.JPG​Comprehensive Road Plan for the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Adopted July 11, 1991.
FNSB_vs_Europe_US.JPG​Map comparing the size of the Fairbanks North Star Borough with the United States & Europe. Transfer_Stations.JPG​Map of the Fairbanks North Star Borough solid waste transfer station sites.

Fire Service Area Maps

Fire_Service_Areas_all.JPGOverall map of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Fire Service Areas.  
Chena_Goldtream_North_west.JPGChena-Goldstream North Fire Service Area - WestNorth_Star_FSA_2.JPGNorth Star Fire Service Area - Center/West
Chena_Goldtream_North_center.JPGChena-Goldstream North Fire Service Area - CenterNorth_Star_FSA_3.JPGNorth Star Fire Service Area - Center/East
Chena_Goldtream_North_east.JPG​Chena-Goldstream North Fire Service Area - EastNorth_Star_FSA_4.JPGNorth Star Fire Service Area - South
Chena_Goldtream_South_west.JPGChena-Goldstream South Fire Service Area - WestSteese_FSA_all.JPGSteese Fire Service Area - North      
Chena_Goldtream_South_east.JPGChena-Goldstream South Fire Service Area - EastSteese_FSA_1.JPG Steese Fire Service Area - East
Ester_FSA_west.JPG​Ester Fire Service Area - WestSteese_FSA_2.JPGSteese Fire Service Area - West
Ester_FSA_east.JPGEster Fire Service Area - EastUniversity_FSA_north.JPGUniversity Fire Service Area - North
North_Star_FSA_1.JPGNorth Star Fire Service Area - NorthUniversity_FSA_south.JPG​University Fire Service Area - South


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