GIS_Division_Logo.png  USGS Digital Topographic Maps

USGS Topo PDF Maps published after 2011 display multiple layers, including aerials, when viewed in compatible PDF reader.

USGS Topo PDF Maps are geo-enabled, and will display current location when viewed in compatible PDF reader.

     1. Move map by clicking and holding on map, then move mouse.

     2. Zoom in and out by using controls on map, or use mouse roller wheel. Labels for USGS Quads willl appear.

     3. Optionally, use search tool to find USGS Quad sheet. Search for quads: Big Delta, Charley River, Circle, Fairbanks, or Livengood.

     4. Click once on map to display information about USGS Quad sheet for that area; then

     5. Select PDF Map Link to open and download USGS Quad sheet.